Things that go Bump in the Night

Hey! Who enjoys watching funny sitcoms? I sure do.
I have another question. Who will admit to having moments in life that are scenes from funny sitcoms?
I sure will!
Laughter is great medicine. It can relieve stress and help you forget your troubles temporarily.

My life has been in transition. Not only did my husband and I move three months ago, but we've been tackling some stressful marriage issues, among other things.

My last post here was seven weeks ago. I can't continue calling myself a blogger if I don't post stories regularly. So now I'm back after a long break- this time with one of my titillating tattling stories. Okay, at least tattling. 

About a month ago, Hubby and I were awakened by a horrid, piercing, siren-type sound in the wee hours of the morning. It was a smoke detector!  But we hadn't put any up yet (bad, I know). We were running around in a panicky daze, looking and smelling for smoke. None. Then I knew we had to find the box of smoke detectors we'd taken down at the previous house.

He grabbed a mini-flashlight and was frantically rummaging around the kitchen and dining room, trying to follow the sound.

I turned on the dining room light.  My husband immediately ducked down and said "Turn it off! The neighbors can see!" (Yes, he was in his birthday suit.)  I yelled "They aren't going to be looking out their window at two a.m.!"
"They might!" he exclaimed. "The sound probably woke them up already!"

I was fairly certain I knew where the old detectors were. I wanted to turn the light back on to look for them. "I really don't care if anyone sees me!" I sassed, in my scantily-clad, frazzled condition.

I found the elusive box. He grabbed it and took it to the kitchen where he could hide from the windows.

"OH MAKE IT STOP!!" I screamed.

He located the guilty device with the malfunctioning battery. It took him several attempts to disconnect it. Whew, finally!

The positive thing about that adrenaline-boosting, five minute fiasco is that we were both laughing about it before we went back to bed.  A funny memory was made for us during a particularly difficult time.

It was a good reminder, I think, to lighten up and allow ourselves a break from the heavy stuff for awhile. We both needed that.

Several of my friends are very private people and would never talk of their personal lives publicly. I also know friends who tell all kinds of details about almost anything.

My stories usually fall somewhere between the two extremes.

I'm a writer. I write about what I'm learning from my life experiences. I'm honest, but without airing dirty laundry.
I'm not ashamed to say that my husband (of more than thirty years) and I have been struggling individually and as a couple. I mean, what relationship doesn't go through troubled waters? It's part of life.

The crazy, embarrassing, sitcom scenes are part of life too. So "Carpe' Diem", as I often say! Or seize the awkward humor of the moment if you possibly can.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you what goes bump in the night.
I do!
Or I did, about a week after the smoke detector episode.

There were no siren-type sounds that time, and thankfully no real sirens either.
I was very fortunate, considering that I fell out of bed onto the hardwood floor. Yep. Right on my face.

I didn't get a concussion, just a black eye and a bruised upper lip area.
As it was healing, the upper lip bruise started looking like a little mustache on the right side.

I sort of wished it had been closer to the middle. Then I would've had a Hitler thing going on and that would have been funny!


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