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Coffee Talks and Little White Lies

Is it ever justifiable to lie? I am a truthful person. Honestly I am! I've been remembering a few little white lies I've told in my life and I still don't feel guilty.  Actually, I think I did the right thing! A few years ago, I went to visit my brother.  He lived only thirty minutes away from me, and we managed to get together about once a month. He offered me coffee when I arrived. He told me to just rest on the couch, while he fixed it up for me. He asked "You still drink it with sugar, right?" Yep. "And cream?"  Yes. My gracious host brought my coffee, but started apologizing as he handed it to me. "I just used the last of the sugar. I don't think yours has enough in it."  I said "Oh, I'm sure it will be fine." As I took my first sip, he was watching my face intently. He was sort of wincing as he waited for my reaction. I tasted and said  "Oh it's fine. Don't worry."  But he was worried. &q

I Love Lucy Moments

This is another true confessions story. Well, it's two-in-one really. They are not suggestive nor inappropriate. However, they do involve a bathroom situation and taking my clothes off... Lucy Ricardo got herself into all kinds of bumbling scenarios, as you know. Well, I happened to get myself into two such dilemmas in the last two days. Yesterday, I was visiting my mother-in-law at the nursing home. It just so happened that we had a power outage on that end of town while I was there. So the nursing home was using emergency generators only for necessary medical equipment. So of course, while I was there, I needed to use the restroom. No, I could not wait. It was extremely dark in there when I closed the door. I managed to take care of my business, including hand washing, just by knowing the basic layout of the bathroom, and feeling my way around. I had only used that bathroom a couple of times previously.  I was feeling quite disoriented. To make matters worse, when