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The Magical Properties of Easter Eggs

Did you know that eggs are the perfect food? That's what many dietary experts have been saying for quite awhile now,  and with good reasons . They are compact, nutritious and can be prepared in a variety of yummy ways. I remember a time when medical folks and nutritionists advised us all to avoid eggs, due to their high cholesterol content. They had us especially fearful of the traditional bacon and egg breakfast. Eating those two bad boys at the same time would certainly cause an immediate heart attack! (Thankfully, that's been proven to be untrue.) My own life experience has shown me that eggs have incredible qualities that are even better than their high protein content and meal versatility.  They can be transformed into Easter eggs !! Last week, I was unexpectedly reminded that Easter eggs are downright  magical ! I found some boiled eggs in the fridge that I'd forgotten about. They'd been in there for about four days. I didn't want to waste them, but

Reminiscings of the Heart: First Date with my First Love

The anticipation hung in the air that evening. We breathed it in and felt giddy as we finished getting dressed for our date. I wore a fancy dress, tights and shiny Mary Jane shoes. White gloves too, for the very first time!  My date and I were preparing to go to a concert. I was joyfully excited about it, even though I had no clear idea of what to expect. I'd never been to a concert before. I was only six years old.  Ray Charles was performing in our smallish town on that unforgettable night in 1969. It was a very big deal! Ray Charles! Mama wanted me to experience the magic with her. She understood that we might not have another opportunity like it again. It was a rare for Mom to indulge in special events like that. She was a single woman with two young children, struggling to make ends meet. Honestly, I don't remember much about the performance. I have foggy bits and pieces in my memory bank: holding Mama's hand as we hurried from the parking l