Friday, February 26, 2016

Childish Behavior

Last Friday evening I witnessed something that made me smile, then made me think. The image is still clear in my mind.

I saw a mother letting her two young children out of their car at a playground. There was a boy about age six and a girl about four. The boy ran ahead first. I was able to see the girl's wide eyes and big smile as her mom helped her out of the car.  As soon as her feet hit the ground, she ran toward the swings as fast as her short legs would go! She could barely contain her excitement!

I've been contemplating why that scene made such a big impact on me.
I absolutely love children! But it was more than that. I really think it was about the timing.

That sweet scene distracted me from my pity-party/bad attitude moment. To be honest, I'd been pity-partying with a bad attitude all day.  But when I saw that adorable tot beaming with joyful anticipation, it was contagious! I felt my burdens lifted for a couple of minutes.

I'd left my house a few minutes before that. I was mad at my husband, I was trying to cope with day three of an allergy attack, and I was stressed about other issues too. To top it off, I felt guilty for letting all that nonsense get me down, knowing that other people have real problems.
Get a grip, Woman!

I left the playground scene, but soon started dwelling on my woes again.
But I had a plan!
I ran a couple of errands, then I got a pedicure. What a treat! It had been a year since I'd had one.

Getting away for awhile helped me put things in perspective. Somehow my mood seemed lighter after that.

I've written before about how adults can learn life lessons from kids. After seeing those tots last Friday, I started thinking about how children tend to handle things. These are my observations:
*They tend to get upset easily when things don't go their way,
   but they get over it quickly.
*Children can usually be distracted from their mini-crisis with a treat or a toy. Then the issue is usually forgotten.
*They rarely hold grudges against people.
*When they're sad, hurt or frustrated, they usually go ahead and cry.
*Young kids get very excited about anything new and different, even small things.
*Little ones put their trust in the ones they love and believe that somehow everything will be alright.

Yes, we are adults and must deal with our problems realistically. But my goal is to live by the simplistic guidelines above as often as I can.
I really believe they are good remedies for bad attitudes!

The next time I'm partying all day, I'll try to make it a happy party with an attitude of gratitude!
You're invited to join me and bring as many guests as you can.

(I wrote this story in July 2015.)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Amazing Sea Monkeys

Welcome back to my blog. I am so excited to be sharing my first post by a guest blogger today!

I am pleased to introduce my friend Mark. I met him on an "over 50's" social site last year.  I read one of his very funny stories that he'd posted there. I just had to leave a comment about it, to tell him how much I enjoyed his brilliant humor and writing style! The rest is history. We have become good friends.

Mark (also known as Merchandiser) is very snooty about his favorite ice cream. Otherwise he is a very nice man!

Please read more of his unique and funny work at                           

My Amazing Sea Monkeys

It was about 50 years ago when I ordered my sea-monkeys kit from the ad on the back of a comic book.  I was gullible and naive when I saw the picture of these playful creatures. Sea-monkeys were advertised to give their owners hours of fun. The cute picture of the sea-monkeys playing by the beach captured my attention as well as many other boys and girls. For those folks not familiar, sea-monkeys are actually a brand name of brine shrimp. They were sold as novelty aquarium pets and said to be educational while fun to watch them perform tricks.

Lo and Behold! The post office delivered my sea-monkey kit last week. It was sitting in some room in a dead file of  undelivered mail. I live in a different house but same zip code and the efficient postal employees found me. Our postal service came through, albeit five decades late.
Anyway, of the dozen or so eggs included the kit, three sea-monkeys hatched. I call them Iggy, Piggy and Squiggy.

Sea-monkeys are very tiny creatures. They are just a few millimeters in length. A magnifying glass will help see them much more clearly.

Iggy is all female. She loves to swim the backstroke, sit in the sun (my flashlight) and sip her sea-monkey nutrients.
Piggy is male. He's a bit heavy (for a sea-monkey) but he  swims like Michael Phelps. He's a bit sluggish most of the time and likes to float on a piece of popcorn I dropped in the aquarium.
I think Squiggy is a rare hermaphroditic sea-monkey with both male and female appendages.
Squiggy can jump several inches above the water and loves doing back flips and showing off other aquatic talents.

Our new trio of pets has made a wonderful addition to our home. Even my wife is fascinated by them. They can live up to two years with proper maintenance of the aquarium and diet.

Now I'm hoping that our post office can come through again with another package I ordered decades ago. Wouldn't it be exciting of my X-RAY glasses showed up in my mailbox tomorrow?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bad Humor, Good Timing

If you folks have read me much at all, you know that I often see something funny in mundane life experiences.

I realize that not everyone sees life the way I do, nor shares my sense of humor. I'm finding, though, that it just works for me! Goofy moments can ease stress and help us cope.
Who doesn't need a little help to get through some difficult days?

Let me tell you about two such occasions...

Yesterday I had to have some pre-surgery testing done at my eye clinic, to prepare for a cataract/glaucoma procedure that I'll have on my right eye next week.

While I was there, the doc checked my left eye too. I'd had a fairly major procedure done to it about two months ago. Well, I got bad news (again). It seems that the surgery might have failed.

It was very disappointing and stressful news, to my husband as well as me! He's been by my side through these chronic glaucoma issues for many years.  When we got out of the clinic, we both reacted- and not in the best way, I must confess!

I was given a medical questionnaire to fill out. I was supposed return it to the doctor's assistant when I went back for more eye pokes that afternoon.

Hubby "Big Kahuna" and I went to the nearest McDonald's to relax and eat a snack while I answered the questions on the form.  One was about pain.  It was worded weird!
On a scale from 1 to 10, please rate your average pain level in the past two weeks, with one being no pain at all to 10 being near death. 

That didn't really make sense! I read it out loud. Hubby and I both started laughing. The bad joking followed.
"I'm thinking if a person is near death, they wouldn't be trying to fill out this stupid medical thing!"
I laid my head on the table. "Oohhh, help me! I don't have the strength to lift this pen! I think I'm near death!"

Our dumb dramatics helped us both lighten up. Okay, we can do this! One step, one decision at a time.
We had a serious moment too, acknowledging that we know of people who really are struggling with life-threatening illnesses. Oh, a little perspective can make a big difference!

I must tell you that our near-death experience yesterday wasn't quite as humorous as the time my husband was in the hospital with seven broken ribs and a shattered scapula. That was in December 2014.

I think it was day three of his five day hospital stay when Nurse Boobie was on shift for
hubby's roommate.

I went into the room to visit Big Kahuna. I noticed that the white board on his wall had the date, and then "RN: Bobbie" with the nurse aide's name written under that.  But his roommate Kevin's board said "RN: Boobie".  That seemed odd to me, for obvious reasons! And because the same nursing staff always cares for both patients in the same room.

So I looked at my husband and asked "Why does Kevin get Boobie but you get Bobbie?"
He looked at me blankly. "What?"

I told him that the Kevin's board says that his nurse is Boobie. He snickered a little, still looking confused.
He said "Our nurse today is Bobbie."

I walked over to Kevin's board, pointed at it and said "Look, it says Boobie!" But when I was standing closer to it, I could see that the stick part of the middle letter b had been mostly rubbed off. I had to confess my mistake, but explained that I had a good excuse! The letter was messed up, so it truly DID say Nurse Boobie!
(Hmm, sounds like it could be the title of a bad adult movie.)

So as I was sincerely explaining the ridiculous question I'd asked upon entering the room, he started laughing. Then he gasped and said "OWW!"  I apologized for making him laugh, but that made us laugh again.
Poor Kevin grinned a little but made no comment.

There are times when laughter hurts so good. We'd better value those mundane moments that somehow help us when we need it. They often do become smile-worthy memories!

Friday, February 5, 2016

So, What is Normal?

What is normal, exactly? Well, that's a complicated question because it depends on the season of life a person is in and so many other factors.

I've written before about life's seasons and how I think it's important to learn what you can during each one. There's a purpose for each stage of life!

I love these lines from one of my favorite old Seals and Crofts songs: " I wanna laugh while the laughing is easy. I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile."

My story today is mostly on the lighter side. It's about this newish season of life that I entered a little over three years ago. Yep, I am now in the hood! Grandmotherhood. I have one granddaughter, whom I've affectionately nicknamed "Baby Girlfriend".  She is getting a new sister this summer!  

Baby Girlfriend came over to play with me yesterday afternoon. It was a nice day so we played ball in the backyard for a while. Then we came in and had a snack, followed by making beautiful art creations with paper, glitter glue and Christmas stickers. 

When her parents came to pick her up, they stayed to visit with me for a while. While we were catching up on recent events, our little artist came up to each of us, carefully placing a sticker in the middle of our foreheads. (She was wearing one too, of course.) 
We thanked her and continued our discussion. 

A couple of minutes later, I looked at my tall, handsome son-in-law and my gorgeous daughter, each with their Christmas stickers on their faces, and I had to laugh! I asked "Is it funny that we just continued yakking like normal, and we all have these stickers on our foreheads?" 
It's like it never even phased us at all. Doesn't everyone wear these?  
(Besides, I think my sparkly blue ice skates made me look fancy on my otherwise 
too-little-sleep, no makeup, stay-at-home day.)  

They said it's everyday life stuff to them. Yep! It was for me too, twenty five plus years ago when my daughter and her brother were little ones. Oh I remember!

In previous stories,  I referred to some of the dark and heavy times that I've been through in the past few years. Ah, becoming Amma was one huge blessing that happened in-between difficult events. My grandbaby was a gift of hope and joy like no other!

I'm so enjoying the new normals of my grandma season of life. It's changing fast as the families grow. I'm going to laugh while the laughing is easy...