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It Could Have Been Me

"WHAT?  We can't use the air conditioner? Oh great. What a day for this to happen!"
I left it at that. I knew that whining wouldn't help the situation.  It was getting hotter by the hour on that mid-August day. And humid. My husband and I were on a road trip, two hours away from home.

Besides, my chauffeur was already getting stressed. No need for me to add to it. 
Turning the air conditioner off and sweating a little had to be better than the vehicle breaking down on the highway... 
We spent much of our time in nice cool places: restaurant, clothing stores, doctor's office. We didn't get too miserable while traveling to those destinations. Not only did we survive, but we even managed to enjoy ourselves a little. 
I was napping in my passenger seat while en route to the medical clinic. I was jolted awake when the car swerved sharply and suddenly. I opened my eyes to see a red truck almost on top of us, crossing the line into our lane! We avoided a collision,…