The Price of Curious Rebellion

I have another life lesson story to share with you.  
This one is on the lighter side. Perhaps I'll reveal my darker secrets in that lurid expose' I plan to write someday...

This true story happened when I was about eight. I was staying at my Grandma's house, as I often did.    

I had taken one of her old-fashioned metal ice trays from the freezer.
I loved popping ice out of it, even though my little hands could barely pull the lever back. 

I am not sure what I was doing or what I said, but I do remember my grandmother's warning "Now be careful! Don't ever put your tongue or lips on that, because you will stick to it!!"

How did she know that I really wanted to lick that white frost off the side of the tray? Was she a mind reader?

You can predict what happened. I just had to find out for myself! Of course I waited until Grandma was on the other side of the house.

The next thing I knew, my tongue was stuck and I was stifling panicked sobs! I was almost hyperventilating, which caused my glasses to fog up. Not being able to see made matters worse! 

I tried to gently pull my tongue off, but it was glued to the metal! I decided to try some warm water. I can't remember details of my delicate tray removal method, but I know it wasn't delicate enough. There was some blood shed and a little piece of tongue skin frozen to the ice tray. Ah, the price I paid for curious rebellion! 

That scenario in my mind is still funny to me, although it was not humorous then.

The moral: I should respect the advice of those who have more experience than I do! Especially those who really care about my well-being. 
Oh yes, and Grandma knows all!


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