Seniors Rebel!

It's that time of year again...graduation!    

When you read my title, I'll bet you thought I was talking about us older folks being naughty. I am over fifty now so I am considered a senior citizen in some places.

No. I'm talking about high school Seniors, and I have a memory to share.

One morning in May of 1981 (my graduation year), the faculty and staff were having a meeting in the library before school started.

The library was situated in the middle of the building, the halls and classrooms formed a big square around it. It had double doors, the kind with big, open handles that pull open outwards. The entire front entrance was glass.

A few seniors realized that ALL the faculty and staff were in the library. Someone found a long board and stuck it through the door handles, which made it impossible to open them from the inside.

Totally gnarly!! We had imprisoned our teachers!

There was that unforgettable moment when our authorities realized that they were locked in! There they were, glaring out at us. 
By "us", I mean most of the student body, who had gathered around the front of the library by then.

We just looked back at them, laughing nervously. Alright, so now what do we do? We all just continued to stand there. A fun but awkward, exciting and slightly daunting prank was just sort of suspended in time.

The weird spell was soon broken.

One adult (a student teacher), happened to be "loose". He saved the day by letting all the school staff out of their glass cage. 

Oh, Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes just had to spoil our delightful rebellion! Our Senior takeover of the school lasted all of five minutes.   

It sure was fun while it lasted!


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