The Versatile Blogger's Award (Part One)

Hello! I have news to share! And links to wonderful blogs! And some facts about me that you might not know!

The news is that I was honored to receive The Versatile Blogger's Award from +Robert Fuller. He told me that he found my writing style engaging. Wow, that made my day!

Mr. Fuller is a social media marketing strategist. He has an amazing life story and a very thoughtful blog. In fact it's called Thoughtful Talk Blog.  His writing is so motivational and its focus is to help people make positive changes in every aspect of their lives!

One of  the VBA rules is that the recipient shares seven things about herself (or himself). Alrighty then, here is some Di trivia for you!

1. I've been married for over 30 years. Yes, I'm kind of old. He's even older! Ha.
2. I grew up in Roswell, New Mexico. Maybe I should get a different award: the Very Bizarre Alien!
3. I have two adult kids, a son and a daughter. (I'm a grandma now too, woo woo!) I just love being Mom, always have! Being "Amma" is very special too.
4. When I was in third grade, I wrote and illustrated a story about jungle animals who were attending their monkey-friend's birthday party.  My teacher liked it so much that she had me read it to a class of kindergartners.
5. My husband and I owned a bicycle store for six years. It was a family business. Our children, who were teenagers then, helped a lot. What a great experience!
6. Youth ministry was a big part of my life for many years. I taught kids from nursery through high school. I had wonderful experiences and sometimes I miss those days.
7. I am currently learning how to be a successful freelance author. I've jumped right in! One of my stories was published last year. I'm waiting to hear about two stories I've submitted recently and I've got two more in the works.

I see a lot of food for future blog stories in my list!

There is one more part of this recognition that I must fulfill! It is presenting the VBA to fifteen other bloggers. Please go to my next blog post for my list. This Part One is mostly about me. Part Two is all about THEM!

Another reason Part Two is it's own story is because I'm trying to keep my posts short.

I've noticed that many people run away quick when they see something that will take them more than three minutes to read. Especially on a blog.

See, I've been observing my reader's behaviors and preferences! I'm constantly learning. Is there an award for that?

Onward to VBA Part Two please...


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