Just call me Mama Duck

One time there was a crazy woman who took seven little girls and one boy to a theme park, without any other adults to assist her. The youngest child was a toddler, the oldest was about thirteen. A few people watched the procession of tots with raised eyebrows.

The looney lady thought "I'll bet they think all these kids are mine!"

(Most of them resembled each other quite a bit, after all.)

But she didn't let it bother her; she laughed it off. She didn't have time to worry about it anyway, because she had to do frequent head counts of her touristy munchkins.

That daunting but fun excursion happened about seventeen years ago. The children of various ages were my six nieces and my two kids. The adventurous aunty/mommy was me!

When I look back on that day, I think we resembled a group of ducks waddling (?) from one exhibit to the next, Mama Duck led the way, little ones in the middle, older kids at the back, helping keep track of the ducklings.

I've always loved children. I've done a lot of babysitting, teaching, and youth ministry work through the years. My role as Mom has brought me the most joy in my life! Being an aunt is high on the list too.

I'm still so honored to be Mom and Aunt, although my experience is considerably different now that all those kids are adults. But I have a new title now: Amma. Translation: grandma. I couldn't be more excited and I know I'm greatly blessed!

My oldest grandchild is four, her baby sister is six months old, and their brand new cousin arrived only three weeks ago.

So, I've welcomed three grandgirlies in just over four years. It has been a wonderful whirlwind of baby excitement! And of course, I couldn't help but recall special times with my first group of darling divas- four from my brother, two from my sis, and my own daughter.

Ah... the tea parties, Barbies all over the house, softball games, jealousy and arguments, sleepovers!

I recently started thinking about "the circle of life" concept as it applies to our family. Every time there was an illness and/or death of a precious loved one, a pregnancy announcement or birth of a baby soon followed. What a gift to receive the wonder and sweetness of new life to help lift the suffering and sadness of saying goodbye.

(And you thought I was going to start singing songs from "The Lion King", didn't you?)

It won't be too long until I can start having exciting escapades with all of my granddaughters!
I'm still crazy enough to host them too. I can hardly wait!

Until then, I'll be reading stories, pretending, getting baby snuggles and changing dideys. Hey, even the occasional tantrum is well worth it.  These days will fly by too fast.

So go ahead and call me Mama Duck, or Amma or any other granny-type name.
I wear the title proudly.


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