Jump in the Puddles

Carpe' Diem. Dance in the Rain. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Yeah, yeah...whatevah. 

I often refer to myself as a realistic optimist. I love positive quotes too! But I admit I'm a hypocrite at times. I say I believe all the "life's too short" stuff. The truth is: I don't always live it. 

But once in a while, I get a reminder to "Enjoy the little things, because one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things." 

We recently moved. Yep, in July. Hot, humid and hectic days! And somewhat emotional. The move symbolized the end of a very bittersweet chapter of our lives. 

My daughter and her two little girls came over for a visit one afternoon when we were almost finished. I welcomed the break from packing boxes. I'd been feeling overwhelmed. 

It was cloudy and much cooler than usual that day. It had been raining on and off. We enjoyed sitting on the back patio. 

My daughter went to pick up a pizza for us. She left her three year old with me. 
It started raining again, which made the small puddles near the swing even bigger. My granddaughter immediately started jumping in them! Muddy water all over light pink shorts. Oh well, that's what laundry stain remover is for. 

I found out later that she'd just had a bath too. Oh, Amma's in big trouble! (I'm Amma.)

My beautiful tot was giggling and splashing, rain dripping from her long curls. Everything else went away for a few minutes. Her joy was contagious! "Now THIS is how to appreciate the needed rain!" I thought. Perfect.  
Photo is from The Sun

A couple of days later, I got locked out of the house. Of course, this happened after I'd taken my purse and keys and phone inside. The door somehow got turned back to the locked position. (Door handles and I don't like each other. Have you read my previous stories?)

There was no way to get in, I checked. I was expecting my husband to be back sometime soon but I wasn't sure when. 

Fortunately, it was another unusually cool night for the height of summer. The sun was setting. There was a light breeze blowing. My kitty, Chub-Cat, sat on the front porch with me and rubbed against my hand, purring.

No phone, no computer, no noise except the cat's tiny, happy motor and an occasional car passing by. 
I sat in that quiet semi-darkness for about 45 minutes. 
Tranquility. Rejuvenating tranquility.
Now I'm planning to lock myself out of the house more often, and lock my phone in!

A wise woman once said to me "Sometimes it's good not to try, not to do, but just be." 

Just be. And find peace in that moment.  
The wise woman told me those words long before we all had internet. So now I would add "and unplug from technology for a while." 

There are days when we blow it. We focus on the urgent instead of the important. We stress over things we have no control over. We let that destructive habit steal our time. Name your own weaknesses.We all have something, don't we? 

When we do fall flat on our faces, let's forgive ourselves. If we are blessed to see another sunrise, we can determine to start fresh!

What sparks a flame of excitement in you? What brings a smile, or has the power to get you out of a rut? 
You might automatically come up with answers to those questions. But please be open to unexpected experiences. Don't disregard the little things. 
Especially the little things. 


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