To Post or not to Post

Hi Friends,
This is a "note to my readers" post instead of my typical storytelling.

In January of this year, I posted a three part story, which chronicled my vision problems, from early childhood to present. It was entitled "A Guinea Pig's Perspective".

Like many writers, I often work through my difficult issues by writing them down. I had just had an eye surgery a month before I wrote that story.  I knew at the time that I had a second surgery scheduled for the next month.

I realized a couple of weeks after I shared those posts that I'd missed the purpose of this blog.
It was very good for me to write it because it helped me, but I decided it was better to keep for my eyes only. It was more like a personal journal entry.

My medical situation is not something that applies to most of my readers or the general public.  And you busy people ain't got time for that!

However, I've since discovered a magazine that wants to publish non-fiction, personal medical experiences. My story might be a fit! We'll see.

Anyway, I pulled "A Guinea Pig's Perspective" from this blog. I will still refer to my glaucoma problems sometimes because its a chronic disease that affects my life daily. But I think I'm back on track now, which is to focus most on the life lessons.

So I hope you will find time for that! To read my stories, that is.

Many bloggers find that they improve their writing skills a lot through blogging, but they actually learn most about themselves in the process. How true for me too!

Thanks to all of you for your support! I wouldn't have reason to continue this blog if it weren't for you.



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