Awkward Realization

I don't have a deep, dark, life story for you this time.
I just want to share what happened to me at the bank a couple of days ago.

I went to pick up a printout of my bank transactions since the last statement had come out. So the nice teller took care of it for me. She handed me several pages, which seemed a little unusual to me, since it's an account that we rarely use. But I just let that fleeting thought flit on through, took the copies and went out to my car.

I decided to look through the transactions before I left. I'm glad I did!
I saw several that I didn't recognize.  I started wondering what my husband had been spending money on! I thought he hadn't used that account in months! Some items listed were from out-of-town places. One was for a cable company that we don't even use!  So I knew someone else had gained access to our account or my husband had been living a secret life! WOAH!

So I took my papers and scurried back into the bank lobby. The same teller assisted me. I explained the situation, and asked if I should have the card cancelled immediately. She asked me to show her what purchases were in question.  About that time, the bank manager joined us.

As we looked it over together, I saw items listed that I hadn't noticed the first time. "What's this? I don't even recognize the name of this company!  And see this Cable One listing? We don't even use Cable One! And what the heck is THIS? A wig store? There's no way!"  I sorted of blurted that last part out. Let's just say I was getting a bit agitated.

Suddenly, the lady's face turned pink, and she said "Those are from MY account!  Umm, I'm sorry, I don't know how this happened!

A pregnant pause of a few seconds followed. Then the manager said "So sorry Ma'am, we'll get your printout right away." They both rushed off to a computer, speaking in hushed tones.

I stood there thinking "THAT was awkward!" and "Whew, I'm soo relieved that our account wasn't hacked!" and "Maybe I should wait before I react loudly next time." Yep, all those thoughts came flooding into my wee brain, really fast, all at once!  That's I how I roll sometimes.

Well, I suppose all's well that ends well.  It's a relief to know our bank account is still secure and that hubby hadn't been surreptitiously buying wigs, for himself or anyone else.


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