Bleb, Blob and Blib

Let me tell you about how my friend Blob made me feel better recently. So did Blib! There were other caring angel-friends too.

This story is a closure to my last post. It's my final one for now about my eye surgeries and ongoing recovery. Please hang in there with me, because this is about so much more than medical problems.

I posted this on Facebook during the first week of April:
"Well Friends, I had another "first" yesterday since my eye surgeries. I was paying for my groceries at Walmart. The check-out young lady said "I don't mean to offend you but what is that thing in your eye?"  I explained that it's scar tissue from a recent eye surgery. Yes, my bleb shows. It will probably always show. I'm not too thrilled about that, but at least it has a funny name. Bleb. Things could be so much worse though."

Here are a couple of responses that made me laugh initially, then inspired deeper thoughts...
Friend One : "I just had a piece of my colon out.  Just in case we ever enter a room together, I'll name it Blob, so people can say "here comes Bleb and Blob"
Friend Two: "And even though I've had nothing taken out except my bank account, I will be Blib" 
There was a another cute comment from "Blob" about Blab and Blub not being far behind. Ha!

How did goofy names like Blob and Blib actually help me? It's true that I enjoy Dr. Suessish humor, but really- it's no small thing when a friend takes a moment to try to make you feel better.
A bigger deal yet is that my new buddy Blob just had colon surgery! And I happen to know that Blib had a very serious health scare last year.  Yep, potentially life-threatening problems.

I truly believe that timely encouragements aren't just coincidental. And the people who delivered them were my God-given helpers.

I wish I could list all my angels and how they assisted me, but here's a brief overview:

My husband, kids and a few local friends took great care of me, prayed for me, spent many hours driving me to and from my out-of-town doctor appointments. I couldn't have done this without them!

I had one special friend and one family member who patiently listened to me as I poured out my fears and frustrations. Both of them went through cancer scares during that time period!

Another friend has been very stressed in his job lately, but he sent me hilarious emails with uncanny timing! Always when I needed a laugh.

I got a needed reality check when a stage four cancer survivor reminded me that people endure things, but too many stay on the pity-pot too long. (Certainly not moi??) I sincerely thank you for saying that and for sharing your cancer story with me.

I want to share one more divine intervention!
On March 1, I received very bad news at my check-up: my December eye surgery had failed. My specialist wanted me to prepare for a 'last resort' procedure with a long recovery.

That was one of my toughest days! My emotions were somewhere between numb and panicked. I was angry too!

A couple of hours later, a woman who I rarely have contact with "just happened" to send me a message. She only knew a little about my recent medical situation. (And I hadn't told anyone yet about my frightening check-up that day.)

Mostly, she shared what she learned last year.  My forty-something friend had miraculously survived a serious heart attack. I'd known nothing about it.
She told me about her renewed faith and vision for her life plans. Gratefulness for her blessings. Her story left me in awe and so inspired me!

In conclusion, dear reader, please watch for those gifts to show up when you really need them. Train you heart and mind to pay attention. You'll be so blessed if you do!

This is a quote from my first post on this blog, posted November 8, 2015.
"While going through my crises (that's plural), I'd often receive a little light to get me through a dark day. Sometimes it was a song I'd hear. Other times it was a kind word from someone, at just the right time. Occasionally I'd read a story or a great quote."

Yep! Told ya so.


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