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UFO Sighting: It's Just Your Childish Imagination

Image That hot day in July had started like most others. Who knew that the impending series of events would be controversially famous for many decades to come? Not only in the small town where it occurred, but worldwide! The auburn-haired eight year old was sitting up in a massive tree with a few of her neighborhood pals. They had gathered in their friend Nancy's backyard to play for awhile. Oh they loved climbing that old Maple. Some of their mothers were in the house, chatting and drinking coffee at the kitchen table. What happened next is still a mystery... The date was July 6, 1947. The town was Roswell, New Mexico. My mother was that auburn-haired eight-year-old. She and her young friends saw something very strange pass through the sky above them as they played on those tree branches. It frightened them! They were old enough to recognize that it was not an airplane. According to Mom's retelling of the story, she and the other kids jumped out of