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Dental Assistant or Dental Annoyance?

Who loves going to the dentist?? Please, there is no need for everyone to yell "I do!" at the same time. Like most folks, I don't enjoy having dental work done. But I do like my dentist! I've been going to Dr. R for about twenty-five years. He does excellent work! He also has a calm demeanor and soothing voice. Those qualities are so helpful to nervous dental patients like me. However, I remember a dental assistant he had about ten years ago who was anything but soothing. I'll call her Cathy for this story. Cathy had a habit of conversing with the dentist about her personal life while he was working on patients. Well, maybe she only did it when he worked on me, but it happened more than once. If she had just wanted to tattle on herself, that would've been one thing. (I do it all the time, except in this story, I'm tattling on her.) But she would mention people by their full name! I'll give you an example. "Hey Doctor, I finally got an

How to Make a Turnip Beautiful

I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is turnipness. I'll explain. I finally visited the big beauty store in our mall a few weeks ago. It opened about a year ago I think. They offer a wide variety of cosmetics, hair care products, fragrances, etc, and a full service salon too. I usually shop discount chain stores for personal care items.  I use name brands but not anything very expensive. But I decided that it would be worth it to invest in some high-quality concealer. This is because I use a glaucoma medication (eye drops) daily and I have for eighteen years. One of the side effects is that it darkens the skin pigment around the eyes. I've always worked hard to conceal my purplish-red lids and under-eye circles. Other than glaucoma, I'm generally a healthy person! But believe me, without makeup, I look very tired and ill, maybe even like I'm on drugs. Well, I'm not on drugs but my eyes have been for many years! I had eye surgeries l

Things that go Bump in the Night

Hey! Who enjoys watching funny sitcoms? I sure do. I have another question. Who will admit to having moments in life   that are scenes from   funny sitcoms? I sure will! Laughter is great medicine. It can relieve stress and help you forget your troubles temporarily. My life has been in transition. Not only did my husband and I move three months ago, but we've been tackling some stressful marriage issues, among other things. My last post here was seven weeks ago. I can't continue calling myself a blogger if I don't post stories regularly. So now I'm back after a long break- this time with one of my titillating tattling stories. Okay, at least tattling.  About a month ago, Hubby and I were awakened by a horrid, piercing, siren-type sound in the wee hours of the morning. It was a smoke detector!  But we hadn't put any up yet (bad, I know). We were running around in a panicky daze, looking and smelling for smoke. None. Then I knew we had to find the b