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Awkward Realization

I don't have a deep, dark, life story for you this time. I just want to share what happened to me at the bank a couple of days ago. I went to pick up a printout of my bank transactions since the last statement had come out. So the nice teller took care of it for me. She handed me several pages, which seemed a little unusual to me, since it's an account that we rarely use. But I just let that fleeting thought flit on through, took the copies and went out to my car. I decided to look through the transactions before I left. I'm glad I did! I saw several that I didn't recognize.  I started wondering what my husband had been spending money on! I thought he hadn't used that account in months! Some items listed were from out-of-town places. One was for a cable company that we don't even use!  So I knew someone else had gained access to our account or my husband had been living a secret life! WOAH! So I took my papers and scurried back into the bank lobby