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Middle-aged Athlete

"But you don't seem like the type of person who would be a bowler." Hmm. I'm fairly sure my new friend meant well. But I never found out his reasons for saying that to me. His comment made me think. What type of people bowl? People like you? Like me? I've been bowling in leagues for about twelve years, off and on. I'll tell you what kind of people bowl.  Wild hair and laughter,  right after my first 200 game.  Inexperienced, bad bowlers do. Some of them don't even know what weight their ball should be. What about technique? Technique-schmechnique! They just try to keep the ball out of the gutter and hit some pins occasionally. That describes my bowling skill level in 2006, when a friend invited me to join her team. I initially declined, saying "I'm no good! I'll bring you all down!" But my friend persisted and insisted. She assured me that she had a very low average too, but none of the others cared. They were all doing