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Nude Exercising and other Healthy Activities

Copyright: <a href=' profile_panicattack '> panicattack /  123RF Stock Photo</a> Recent news flesh, oops, I mean flash: a gym in New York City is now offering a nude exercise class! Check this out! We all know that exercise is very important to keep our bodies healthy.  But how do we keep our minds and emotions fit- especially with so much stress and bad news in our lives every day? Well, haven't you heard that laughter is the best medicine? I truly believe it's helpful in every way, even physically! I've laughed so hard at times that my belly was aching. I'm sure that type of workout was as effective as doing crunches. I remember one such occasion that happened many years ago. I was doubled-over and could barely catch my breath! I was cackling and snorting while watching a hidden camera scheme on Oprah. The prank involved