The Versatile Blogger's Award, Part Two- My Recommendations

Now, last but not least, I'm sharing links to fifteen blogs that I highly recommend. (My list is quite varied in topics and writing styles). Paying it forward is one of the VBA rules, but I'd be proud to share these blogs anyway.

These writers deserve more than a pretty green seal of approval- their work deserves to be read!

You can find out more about the Versatile Blogger's Award here:

Jovanhanna is a life strategist and mom with an amazing story. She's the founder of Positive Forward Movement.

Mz G is a writer, artist. musician and more. Her inspiring blog encourages women over fifty to "live an electrifying second half".

Harley King's Monday Morning Motivation will be valuable for your life every day, not just on Mondays!

Noreen invites her readers to join her and her hubby on their journey to fitness! It's fun reading for everyone, especially aiming at those over age fifty.

Peggi shares her touching "About Real Life" lesson-stories from the heart and from a Christian perspective.

Nancy is a personal development coach/inspirational speaker. The theme of her blog is "Follow your bliss. Choose to live your passion. Find your true north."

Merchandiser (Mark) has a very creative sense of humor! His funny twists on every day life situations will make you laugh!

Suzi T shares honest and very readable stories. She's an Australian mom, wife and teacher who is dealing with chronic illness. Courageous vulnerability!

Bob Craypoe has created a group of, umm...unique but not uncommon characters for his politically incorrect comic strip, The Punksters! Satirical silliness!

I consider Jeremy Crow to be one of my mentors. His blogging tips series and his support of my work has been very helpful. You'll find a variety of blogs on his site, written by him and several other talented contributors.

Traci's Daily Musings blog is "A Place of Empowerment" for your life and your faith!

Nelu is a wise young woman and wonderful blogger. Her life-questioning, practical posts cover topics such as self-esteem, judging others, integrity and empathy, to name a few.

My friend Blake is a deep-thinker with an artistic soul. He's an author and his blog covers many topics, from world religions to chronic illness to relationships. His life stories make me laugh and cry and THINK!

This is a new-to-me blog I discovered on Twitter: Enlightenment Daily (indeed!). Nathalie Herrman's posts are short, sweet and so encouraging!

Diane Reed always keeps it real, and so engaging! She shares stories and poetry that are "a soft place to fall" for her readers.


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