Dandelion Wishes

I've seen several references to dandelions lately.  What pleasant memories I have of enjoying them when I was a little girl! I can clearly remember blowing the white puffy balls of seeds into the air. Sometimes I made a wish, and other times I just watched them float away, wondering where they might land.  I can also remember picking the flowers when they were brilliant yellow, to make little bouquets for Mom or Grandma.  They were so pretty and fun and they sparked my imagination!

When did I start seeing dandelions as weeds instead of magical flowers? I can't pinpoint an exact time.  I'll admit though that sometimes I still want to blow the white puffball and watch the tiny explosion of umbrella seeds!

Even as an adult, dealing with the daily stuff of life, I still want to enjoy moments of fun! I never want to stop learning or dreaming. I want to experience childlike faith and hope!
I think you want those things too, don't you? How can we help each other?

A peek into part of my story:
There was a period of time, just about three years ago, that I saw weeds more often than flowers.

It was a time of grieving several losses and adjusting to some very big life changes. I'd always been a positive person, but I felt shaken to my core! I was more disillusioned than I'd ever been in my life.

But during that time period, and since then...
I've been blessed with wonderful gifts for my soul. That might sound overly dramatic, but it's true! I'll share more about those in future posts.

While going through my crises (that's plural), I'd often receive a little light to get me through a dark day. Sometimes it was a song I'd hear. Other times it was a kind word from someone, at just the right time. Occasionally I'd read a story or a great quote.
I like the idea of trying to pay those hope gifts forward now, with my writing.

I'm so thankful that the dark clouds have parted for me now! My sense of humor is still intact and so is my glass-half-full attitude.

It was actually during my personal battles that I started blogging for the first time. I also made the decision to take my life-long love of writing to the next level. I don't know what will happen, but I have to try.

Even though I'll never be the person I was before, I've decided that dandelions are just dandy!  Let's make a wish and make the most of our journey.


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